Quadlandia S2 E4 on March 2

Welcome to Quadlandia Season 2!
S2 E4 Tuesday March 2, 2021 5:00PM-8:00PM

REGISTER HERE and see more information.
– Real NWSRS rated tournaments!
– Real prizes! Winners receive Chessable Courses and typewritten congratulations
– Real cheat detection and video monitoring
– Portion of every entry donated to non-profits

S2 E4 Beneficiary: TBD

Quadlandia Season One had 8 episodes and raised over $2000 for Oregon chess clubs and non-profits affected by Covid-19. We’re currently selecting beneficiaries for Season Two, which will have 6 episodes. I’ll list beneficiaries on this page when decisions are finalized.

Schedule for Tournament
4:00PM: Registration Closes
4:15PM: Check email for Zoom Link and Section Assignments
4:30PM: Zoom Call Opens
4:45PM: Players must be logged on to Lichess and join the Zoom Call
5:00PM: Round 1
ASAP: Round 2
ASAP: Round 3
8:00: Tournament Complete

Entry Fee:

Tournament Director: Chad Lykins
Contact: chad.r.lykins@gmail.com

Online Chess Clubs

Many scholastic chess clubs are operating online, which means that they can accept players from other parts of the state. If you’d like to join a chess club that is functioning online, here are a few that we know about. (Click on the name of the club to visit their website.) Note that OSCF does not especially endorse any particular program; we are simply sharing information, but we encourage parents to research their options carefully.

COACHES: if you’d like us to share information about your chess club, please contact us at oscf@oscf.org
Hayhurst Elementary (chad.r.lykins@gmail.com)
Chess Odyssey (office@chessodyssey.com)
Southside Chess Club (j-adoube@efn.org)

USCF Memberships available (at a discount!)

OSCF has purchased a large number of memberships “in bulk,” which allows us to offer these to Oregon and Washington scholastic chess players (who will play in Oregon events) at a discount. Normally, a scholastic membership costs $17-26, depending on the age of the player. We are happy to offer individual memberships for just $15 each for any player residing in Oregon or Washington and age 20 or under at the time of redemption.

Simply click here to our purchase page. Fill in the name of the person who is purchasing the membership(s). After purchasing the quantity of memberships you need, you will receive an eVoucher within 2 business days from our treasurer, Renee Chang. Once you receive the eVoucher number, you’re not done yet! Renee will include instructions for you to enter the eVoucher number on the USCF site to complete the membership registration.

Please be patient in this process. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization! Questions? Email us at oscf@oscf.org.

NEW: YouTube Channel

Hosted by OSCF Vice President Chad Lykins
Thanks to chess coach and OSCF Vice President Chad Lykins, there is now a brand-new YouTube playlist where you can find videos that explain how to play chess on Lichess.org! Chad will be adding more content to this channel frequently, so keep checking back! (We’ll also post to our Facebook group each time a new video is available for viewing.)
Click here to see the YouTube playlist!

Speaking of our Facebook group…

Did you know that Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation has a Facebook group? We post news, resources, and updates there. Almost all of the information we post on Facebook can also be found on our website, but if you’re on Facebook anyway, you might as well join our group!

Portland Chess Club December events

December 1, 8, 15:  Tuesday Quads begin.  Typically, this is a 3-round round robin, with players sorted by ratings.  However, December, with its  5 Tuesdays,  offers the possibilities of additional games, so a different format may occur, depending on the number of players and their wishes.  Chess.com rated.

December 3, 10, & 17:  Thursday Game in 15.  Play 3 games in an evening–try out different openings. Chess.com rated.

December 5 & 6:  PCC Winter Open Online.  This is a 4-round Swiss in 3 sections, so you will play others in a similar rating range. USCF Chess membership required.

December 19:  Third Saturday Blitz. 

See www.pdxchess.org for more information.

Quadlandia Season 2 coming in 2021

By Chad Lykins, OSCF vice president and Quadlandia tournament director

To those of you who participated, thank you for being part of Quadlandia Season One. Together, we raised over $2,000 for chess clubs, food banks, and housing nonprofits in Oregon. Here is the complete list of beneficiaries.

Here are your overall winners for Season One:

  • Most Quad Victories: Pace Lykins (4)
  • Most Games Won: Prisha Aswal (13)
  • Most Games Played: Prisha Aswal and Luke Goddard (24)

The following awards are still TBA:

  • Most Improved: I’m waiting for NWSRS to rate Episodes 7 and 8.
  • Brilliancy Prize: Send me a link to your best game from Episode 1-8. Winner will be chosen by December 22. chad.r.lykins@gmail.com

Quadlandia Season One accomplished everything I hoped.

  • We brought new players to scholastic chess in a way that was supportive and encouraging
  • We gave experienced players a chance to play opponents of similar strength
  • We supported chess clubs and non-profits affected by COVID

As proud as I am with these results, I know we all look forward to Quadlandia becoming obsolete. Vaccines are already being given to front-line workers. At some point in the future, we will all be at our local chess clubs playing in person, rather than meeting over screens.

But that future is still months away. Most of us will not see over-the-board scholastic tournaments at least until Summer. And to help bridge that gap, we will have Quadlandia Season Two.

Until then, it’s important for kids to know they have things to look forward to:

  • Quadlandia Season 2 (Dates TBA; Expect Episode 1 to air in January)
  • Robert Gray Presidents’ Weekend Tournament February 13, 2020
  • OSCF K-12 Individual State Championship (April 2020)
  • OSCF K-12 School Team State Championship (April 2020)
  • More OSCF events that are in development….
  • Portland Chess Club and United States Chess Federation online events. I suggest getting on their mailing lists!

Best wishes for a safe and happy Winter Break.

Hayhurst Halloween K-12 Tournament in Portland on Sunday, Oct. 25

REGISTER NOW! Please join us ONLINE for the Hayhurst Halloween K-12 Chess Tournament! This event is open to individuals of all abilities and is a great first tournament for beginning chess players. This tournament NWSRS Rated and is a qualifier for the 2021 OSCF State Championship.

Trophies for Top Five in Each Section. Medals for Plus Scores. Best Costume Awards. Check or Treat Prizes Every Round

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Registration Deadline is Friday, October 23, 2020 at 8 pm.

Fair Play: Players must read and agree to the OSCF Fair Play Agreement. Games will be monitored by video and reviewed after the tournament for irregularities. Players who break the agreement may face forfeiture of games, expulsion from the tournament, and sanctions by OSCF, lichess.org, and US Chess.

Tournament Directors: Chad Lykins (chad.r.lykins@gmail.com) and Ed Addis