Rose City Chess Halloween Tournament October 23 (online)

Free Rose City Chess T-Shirt for every participant!

The Fifth Annual Rose City Chess Halloween Tournament is one of the most fun scholastic tournaments in the Northwest.

Each participant receives a Check or Treat Prize after every Round. The prizes alone are worth the registration fee! Nothing takes the sting out of a loss (or adds to the joy of victory) like free chess prizes.

This year Rose City Chess is going overboard on SWAG by giving free Rose City Chess T-Shirts as the Round 5 Prize. T-Shirts (and other prizes) will be mailed after the tournament.

Students compete in sections based on playing strength. Rounds are Swiss Paired by Lichess so that games become more evenly matched as the event progresses.

No need for award pick-up this year! Rose City Chess will mail everything to you.

Registration closes Friday October 22, 2021 at 8:00pm. Register at Rose City Chess.


Awards: Custom Limited Edition Ribbons for 1st-5th place in each section, Plus Scores, Even Scores, and Costume Contest Award Winners.

Equipment: Participants must use a laptop or Chromebook with a working camera and microphone. Tablets and phones are not permitted for tournament play. Participants must be in the Zoom call with their cameras on during games. Participants who do not have a camera on during games may forfeit any prizes. Participants also need a free account on They will need to use Lichess in Google Chrome. Other browsers have very high failure rates during tournaments.

Ratings: NWSRS and Lichess Classical Rated; 2022 OSCF State Championship Qualifier

Sections: U600/Unrated K-5, U900/Unrated 6-8, U1200/Unrated 9-12, U1500, Open

Location: Online via Zoom and

Date and Time: Saturday October 23, 2021; 9:15 Check-in; 10:00 Round 1; 11:00 Round 2; 12:00 Round 3; 1:00 Round 4; 2:00 Round 5 (TIMES APPROXIMATE AND CAN BE MOVED AT TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR’S DISCRETION)

Fair Play: Video monitoring and cheat detection provided. Participants must agree to the OSCF Fair Play Agreement. Standings and awards not official until the completion of post-tournament fair play review.

USCF Memberships available (at a discount!)

OSCF has purchased a large number of memberships “in bulk,” which allows us to offer these to Oregon and Washington scholastic chess players (who will play in Oregon events) at a discount. Normally, a scholastic membership costs $17-26, depending on the age of the player. We are happy to offer individual memberships for just $15 each for any player residing in Oregon or Washington and age 20 or under at the time of redemption.

Simply click here to our purchase page. Fill in the name of the person who is purchasing the membership(s). After purchasing the quantity of memberships you need, you will receive an eVoucher within 2 business days from our treasurer, Renee Chang. Once you receive the eVoucher number, you’re not done yet! Renee will include instructions for you to enter the eVoucher number on the USCF site to complete the membership registration.

Please be patient in this process. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization! Questions? Email us at

Roshen’s Chess Academy Scholastic K-12 Chess Tournament October 16th

A fundraiser for the Oregon Chess Federation and the Portland Chess Club

100% of proceeds will go to Oregon Chess Federation and Portland Chess Club. Roshen’s Chess Academy will absorb all tournament operating expenses (trophies, medals, etc).

Entry fee: $30. REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 12 PM (NOON) ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15th. No entrees will be accepted after that. Please register using the following link:

Format: 4-round US Chess rated Swiss tournament. Open to all scholastic chess players.

Time control: All games will be G/25; delay 5 (25 minutes per player with a 5 second delay each move). Please bring a chess clock if you have one.

Schedule: Players meeting starts at 9:45 am. Players who do not report by 9:45 am won’t be paired for the first round. First round starts at 10 AM. Subsequent rounds start as soon as the previous round finishes.

Ratings & Section details: Players with current USCF memberships can play in the dual rated sections (USCF + NWSRS rated). Others play in the “NWSRS-ONLY” section.

You can purchase a youth USCF Chess Membership online at ($20 for one year). This is not required in the “NWSRS-ONLY” section. We strongly encourage players to take the USCF Chess Membership and play in the dual rated section. This will help players see their rating at the United States National level (NWSRS is for the Northwest only) and receive many other advantages that come with the USCF membership.

Prizes: Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each section. Medals for all plus scorers.

Location: Lloyd Center Food Court. Address: 2302 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232.

Parking and Building Access: Parking @ Lloyd center is free. Enter the parking area from 10th Ave & NE Halsey Sts. and drive all the way to the top floor (3rd floor – rooftop). Park close to the “3JJ” section. Walk through the corner entrance. The chess tournament area is about 10 seconds of walk from the entrance. Very important: The other Lloyd Center entrances won’t open until 11 am on Saturdays.

Physical Safety: The playing area will be secured (no non-players will be allowed in the tournament area section) and we will be monitoring the players and their safety while their games are going. However, parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of the kids while they are not playing and when they come out of the playing section (before the tournament, between the rounds, and after the tournament).

Health Safety: The playing tables will be placed in accordance with social distancing. Players are required to wear masks at all times. We will be doing temperature checks of all players before the tournament. Anybody who has a temperature of 100.4 °F or more won’t be allowed to participate and their full tournament registration fees will be refunded. Also if you are sick on the tournament day (or recovering from illness), please do not come. We will refund the full tournament registration fees.

More Info:

Ed Addis Memorial Service

Edward Addis II, Oregon’s most active scholastic tournament director, passed away on Friday August 20, 2021. Ed began as a scholastic chess player in Oregon in the 1960s. He earned a peak USCF rating close to 2000. Ed later became a coach, organizer, and tournament director for the Oregon High School Chess Team Association and Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation. He founded and directed many of the largest scholastic events in the state, including the Clackamas K12 Open, Hayhurst Halloween Tournament, and the OSCF K12 School Team Championship. In addition to large events, he ran several smaller tournaments and lessons each year in libraries and parks, making rated chess events more accessible to low-income students and those living on the outskirts of the Portland Metro Area.

There will be a service for Ed on Thursday August 26 at 1:00pm at Lincoln Memorial, Park and Funeral Home, 11801 SE Scott Blvd, Portland OR 96086. Chess organizers and players welcome.

Quadlandia (July 20) and Swisslandia (July 24) Summer Tournaments (online)

Rose City Chess has announced its schedule for online summer tournaments. Quadlandia is back for a third season, as well as the new series of monthly tournaments, Swisslandia!

– Real NWSRS rated tournaments!
– Real prizes including gift cards to places like Chessable and Powell’s Books (prizes to be confirmed)
– Real cheat detection and video monitoring
– Portion of every entry donated to non-profits

Schedule for Quadlandia
4:00PM: Registration Closes
4:15PM: Check email for Zoom Link and Section Assignments
4:30PM: Zoom Call Opens
4:45PM: Players must be logged on to Lichess and join the Zoom Call
5:00PM: Round 1
ASAP: Round 2
ASAP: Round 3
8:00: Tournament Complete

Schedule for Swisslandia
8:00AM: Registration Closes
9:00AM: Check email for Zoom Link and Section Assignments
9:30AM: Zoom Call Opens
9:45AM: Players must be logged on to Lichess and join the Zoom Call
10:00AM: Round 1
11:15AM: Round 2
12:30PM: Round 3
1:45PM: Round 4
3:00PM: Tournament Complete

Tournament Director: Chad Lykins

July 20, Quadlandia Season 3 Episode 4, Online via Info:

July 24, Swisslandia Season 1 Episode 2, Online via Info:

Play In-person Chess Again (outdoors)! FREE class and quad on July 31-Aug 1

On Saturday and Sunday, July 31 and August 1 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Location:Village Green Park

This event is open to all and is FREE.  Participants do need to be familiar with the rules of chess and chess notation.  You will also need a chess set and chess board.  If you have a Chess Clock bring that also.  You also need to bring notation paper and a pen or a pencil as you will be expected to keep a score of the games you play.

Each class will be about thirty minutes long, with some aspect of the game of Chess presented.

After each class, there will be a NWS rated quad. The make-up of Quad’s will be at the TD’s discretion.  Time control is game in 25 minutes with a 5 second delay.  Winner of each quad will be awarded a chess book.  Tie breaks used: lowest rating, and youngest age.

Registration:  Register by e-mail by July 30.  To register send Ed Addis an e-mail at ““.  Include your first and last name, grade in school, and school you attend.  For adults I need your first and last name and which state you live in.  The park is located across the street from the Happy Valley Library.

Space is limited so register early.
Contact: Edward Addis II
Phone: 503-467-6242

Location Details
Village Green Park
13700 SE Sieben Park Way
Clackamas, OR

Fundraiser Tournament for REAL: Youth to Youth on July 18 (Online, NWSRS Rated! G/25)

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! See more Tournament Details Here.

Format: 5 round Swiss Tournament through in 3 sections: U1000, U1400 and Open. Sections may be modified by tournament director based on number of participants. Contact tournament director to play up a section.

Eligibility: Open to all regardless of skill and location


  • Rounds in the U1000 and U1400 will start at 10:00. Subsequent rounds will begin 15 minutes after all games are completed.
  • Open section will follow this schedule for rounds: 10:00, 11:15, 12:30, 2:00, 3:15 pm. 
  • Check in at 9:30 via zoom link to be emailed day before event. Games may be forfeited if players have not joined the tournament prior to 10:00. The tournament director will explain how to join the tournament if players have not done so during check-in. Attending check-in is highly recommended for this reason.

Entry Fee: $15 by July 15th. $20 afterwards until July 17th 7 pm PST. All profits will be donated to REAL: Youth To Youth*

Time Control: Game in 25 minutes with a 5 second increment per move

Prizes:  Amazon gift cards to top 3 players in each section.  25% of entry fees will be returned as prizes. The prize fund will be posted after registration closes.

Rating: NWSRS rated. NWSRS ratings will be used to group players into sections but lichess ratings will be used for pairings

Fair Play Policy: All players must follow the following Fair Play Agreement:

*About Us: REAL:Youth to Youth is a youth led non-profit with a mission of supporting the education and literacy of underprivileged youth in rural India and supporting STEM education efforts in Oregon. All proceeds will be donated to this organization. 

Contact: Please contact with any questions


JULY 3 & 4, 2021

2025 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR

Format: 4 round Swiss in three sections: Open, U1750 and U1350. One half-point bye is available if requested before round 1.

Requirements/rating: US Chess membership and NW Chess subscription are required. Oregon residents may purchase a Basic NW Chess subscription at site for online magazine only ($17.50 adult; $10.00 junior) or Premium subscription with print and online magazine ($30 adult; $24 junior). Regular US Chess and NWSRS rated.

Entry fee: $40; $30 for Portland Chess Club members. Prior to the deadline pay by check payable to Portland Chess Club and sent to Mike Morris, 2344 NE 27th Ave., Portland, OR 97212 or by PayPal, After the deadline add $10. At-site registration Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.

Registration: Pre-registration deadline is noon, Friday July 2. Email Mike Morris at

Prizes: 50% of entries in each section will be returned as cash prizes. The prize fund for each section will be divided 60% to first place and 40% to second place. In the event of ties, no tiebreakers will be used for payment of prizes.

Time control: Game in 90; 30 second increment. If an increment clock is not available the time control will be Game in 90; 30 second delay.

Round times: 9:30 am and 2:00 pm each day.

Safety protocols: Masks will be optional for fully vaccinated players and spectators (bring your vaccination cards.) Masks will be mandatory for children and unvaccinated players. Players will be able to sanitize boards and pieces before each game. Hand sanitizers will also be provided.

Tournament Directors: Mike Janniro (Saturday); Lennart Bjorksten (Sunday)

2021 Oregon Girls Championship – May 22

The 2021 Oregon Girls Championship will be held online on May 22. This is the qualifier for the Haring Tournament which will be held July 31 through August 3.

Eligibility: Open to all K-12 girls living in Oregon.

Format: 5-round Swiss in one section. NWSRS ratings are generally used for pairings and prize eligibility. One half-point bye is available if requested before round one.

Time Control: G/40;inc5 (forty minutes per player with a five second increment each move).

Schedule: The rounds are scheduled for 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Players who have a game go long can request extra time off before the next round.

Entry Fee: $20. Send the money via PayPal to or mail a check to OCF Treasurer Mike Morris at 2344 NE 27th Ave, Portland, OR, 97212.

Rated: NWSRS rated.

Prizes: Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 1st U1200/unrated, 1st U1000/unrated, and 1st U800/unrated. If there is a tie for first, the top two finishers based on the US Chess recommended tiebreaks will play a playoff to determine first and second place. See below for the playoff format. All other ties will be broken using the US Chess recommended tiebreaks. Trophies will be mailed to the winners after the fair play analysis is complete.

Title/Haring Qualifier: The winner (determined through the playoff if necessary) receives the title of 2021 Oregon Girls Champion and will be given the opportunity to represent Oregon at the prestigious 2021 Ruth Haring National Tournament of Girls State Champions. The Haring representative will receive $100 in monetary support from the Oregon Chess Federation to attend the tournament if the tournament is held in-person.

Location: Onine at Players must have a lichess account, which is free.

Registration: Contact David Murray via email,, or phone, 919-475-6529, with the players name, lichess handle, and NWSRS ID (if unrated in the NWSRS, include the players grade and school). Registration deadline is Friday, May 21 at 7pm.

Fair Play Procedures: All players must sign the fair play agreement (this will be emailed out before the start of the tournament). All the games will be monitored via zoom. Each player must have a zoom account, which is free (the zoom link will be emailed out before the start of the tournament). All the games will be analyzed for fair play after the event.

Notes: 1) This tournament uses the rules from the 7th edition of the US Chess rulebook. 2) US Chess and OCF memberships are not required.

Playoff Format: If there is a tie for first, the top two finishers based on the US Chess recommended tiebreaks will play a playoff to determine first and second place. The playoff will consist of two G/10;inc5 games, one with each color. If the players are tied after these two games, they will play two G/5;inc3 games, one with each color. If they are still tied after these two games, they will play an Armageddon game in which White starts with 5 minutes, Black starts with 4 minutes, and Black has draw-odds. The player who had the better tiebreaks gets to choose which color they will play. The default time for the playoff is Sunday, May 23 at 1pm but an alternate time may be selected by agreement of both players and the TD.

2021 Oregon High School Chess Team Championship May 14-15

Open to chess players in grades 6-12. Register a team now!

If you loved the OSCF team event, we have another team competition for 6th through 12th grade on May 14th and 15th.  The main event is the Oregon High School Chess Team State Championships. 

We are looking for high school teams (teams of 4 players as the pandemic made it harder to find full teams) to compete for the 2021 Oregon  State Champion Title. 

Friday, May 14
4:30pm-5:00pm: Check-In 
5:00pm: Player’s meeting
5:30pm: Round 1
8:00pm: Round 2
Saturday, May 15
9:00am: Round 3
11:30am: Round 4
2:00pm: Round 5
5:00pm (approx): Awards ceremony 

Details and registration:  Championship – Oregon High School Chess Team Association


You can also find details in High School Team Chess in the upper right green box of this OSCF page.

BTW:  OHSCTA  holds Chess League every Thursday at 4 p.m.  Teams and individuals are invited to play a single free competitive game weekly.   Bring your team or just yourself.  Contact to join.