OSCF Guide to Summer Chess Camps

OSCF frequently receives questions about summer camps, so here’s a listing with all the offerings we know of for Summer 2023.

Things to ask about a Summer Camp:

  • How many coaches will the camp have? What are their qualifications, both in terms of chess strength and teaching experience?
  • Will there be rated games at the camp? Rated games help your child qualify for the 2024 OSCF State Championship.
  • How will the camp accommodate players of different ages and strengths?
  • What information can the provider give you about their curriculum and approach to coaching?

Rose City Chess

Chess for Success

Orenco Learning Club

Southside Chess

OSCF does not endorse any specific chess coaches, camps, or classes.

Know a camp that we missed? Email oscf@oscf.org with the subject line “chess camps” and we will add it to the list.