The OSCF provides a program called CCSwissSys that lets tournament directors easily import ConstantContact registration information into SwissSys.  Features of this program include:

  1. Ability to describe sections based on any combination of grade or rating and registered players are placed in those sections automatically.
  2. Ability to generate SwissSys tournament files directly (instead of club files that you would still have to import like with NWSRSREGv5).
  3. Better school code checking.
  4. Generates a file to help the ratings coordinator with school changes, new players, new schools, USCF IDs, etc.
  5. Generates check-in lists for each section.
  6. Generates a tournament director spreadsheet with each player’s name, their section, their responsible adult’s name and that person’s email and phone number.
  7. Handles school and sibling pairing restrictions.
  8. Ability to add extra players not in ConstantContact data.  If used exclusively in this mode, CCSwissSys can emulate NWSRSREGv5 but with improved search capabilities for players and all of the above functionality as well.
  9. Generates notes for the tournament director with respect to various options in swisssys and when to use them as well as general announcements to make.

To download CCSwissSys, click here.

No installation is necessary, just run the program.  On Windows 10, if the SmartScreen filter appears, click “More Info” and then “Run anyway”.

The program is currently actively maintained.  Send bug reports or feature requests to

To watch a video on how to use the program, click here.