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General Information

OSCF holds an annual Oregon All-Stars Invitational tournament to celebrate the accomplishments of the top scholastic players in the state. The day begins with a special ceremony and gifts, followed by a chess tournament with generous awards. From 2009-2019, the All-Stars tournament was held in the state Capitol building in Salem. The 2020-2022 events were interrupted due to the pandemic, but the event will return in the Fall of 2023.

Changes for 2023:

  • Invitations are based on peak ratings during the relevant time period, so don’t be afraid that losing rating points will affect your invitation.

To earn an invitation to the All Star Tournament players must:

  • Live and attend school full-time in Oregon during the time period in question (rising kindergartners who play during the summer are included, as are seniors who graduate in the summer covered by the Summer list
  • Have an established USCF Rating (26 games or more)
  • Play at least one USCF-rated classical game during the relevant period (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December)

In addition, all players previously inducted into the Kathryn Rose Taylor Order of the Knight earn an automatic invitation.

Oregon State Rankings may be published as often as monthly on oscf.org. Official invitation lists will be published quarterly.

By submitting your information below, you agree to have your name and rating published by OSCF.

Beginning with the 2014 event, any player previously inducted into the Kathryn Rose Taylor Order of the Knight who has been an active player during the last year will be eligible as well.  In the Fall, these All-Stars are invited to the Oregon All-Stars Invitational.

Secrets of Making the List

All-Stars is a great honor for Oregon scholastic chess players, and the All-Stars invitational tournament is a wonderful event. So, how can you make it onto the list and join the All-Stars in the State Capitol?

  • Play a lot of chess!

    Don’t be afraid of experimenting in your games. Try new openings, new strategies, new pawn or piece sacrifices. The more things you try, the more you learn. Don’t worry about your rating. It will increase as you get stronger. And All-Stars is based on the maximum rating you attain, so if you get a high rating and then lose some ratings points, it doesn’t matter. You make the list based on your maximum.

  • Play a lot of chess!

    Sure, it’s fun to win, but it is easier to learn from losses. If you’re going through a period where you are doing more learning than winning and your rating is not going up very much yet, the All-Star list may still recognize your efforts. Making it onto the “Lifetime Achievement” list of the 25 most active scholastic players in the state earns you an invitation to the All-Stars tournament.

  • Go to events in the summer.

    The All-Stars are the top ten active players during the trimester. Since so many players take the summer off, it is much easier to be among the top ten active players on the Summer list (which draws from tournaments played May through August) than the Winter or Spring lists.

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