Wild Year For The Big OSCF Swisses

Oregon Chess season started out with record turnout at the Oregon All-Stars fall kickoff event. After that, several of the qualifiers had absurd growth compared with last year:

Metzger Winter Classic: 89 players last year and 131 this year.

Corvallis MLK: 98 last year and 150 registered this year (actual turnout dropped to 131 because of icy roads).

Whitford/Cooper Mtn.: 126 last year and 169 this year.

Grizzly Classic in Salem: 56 last year and 95 this year.

Also, last weekend Chess Odyssey’s Friday quads had record turnout of 53.

Once again, we’re expecting record numbers at that State Championships in Seaside. To qualify for state, players must meet three criteria:
1. be Oregon-based K-12 players (home-schoolers welcome!);
2. play in two OSCF qualifiers since last year’s championships (green font on the calendar);
3. have an established NWSRS rating (15 games lifetime) or USCF rating (26 games lifetime).

To register, click “Online Registration” on the left sidebar at oscf.org.