Updated Top 25 List: Big Gains

The top 25 list is substantially has advanced substantially since October. The average rating has increased nearly 30 points, from 1613 in October to 1641 today. To earn a spot on the list in October, you would need a rating of 1465, but bottom of the list has increased by 23 points to 1488.

Interesting statistics…
— Alexandra Botez (2037) once again tops the list by a large margin.
— The next seven players are closely matched and rated right around 1800.
— Two players have moved into the 1600s (none in October).
— Austin Nguyen picked up nearly 100 points but remained at number 10.
— Erik Skalnes is in Europe this year, but he played in a two FIDE events in Portugal and picked up 158 points to move up to #2.
— Rory Soiffer played great at All-Stars and picked up 133 points to crack the top 25 for the first time.
— Aaron Grabinsky and Dillon Murray have both been on a tear lately and have picked up over 100 points since October. Aaron moved into the top 10, while Dillon moved from number 25 clear up to number 12.
— There are four Corvallis players in the top seven.
— Only 12% of the players have first names that start with letters in the last half of the alphabet. This is a clear improvement over October, when it was only 7.7%!