Updated qualification lists for State — there’s still time to qualify!

We have posted updated qualification lists, which include all games submitted for rating through April 12.  You can check to see if you’re one of the 483 players who has already qualified for the 12th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship, by clicking here:  Check here to see if you’ve already qualified.

If you’re not on that list, check the “almost” lists — those who still need a qualifying tournament, and those who need more rated games to meet the established rating requirement.  If you’re not yet qualified, but on one of those lists, you can still do it!  There are three tournaments remaining in the Portland and Eugene areas before the absolute April 26 deadline (which is also the deadline for early registration).  Check the NWSRS Calendar for green-colored events, including:

April 16: Silver Knights Quads (Happy Valley)
April 22: Oregon State Girls’ Championship (Portland)
April 23: Bethel April Quads (Eugene)

For more details on qualification, see this page.  Once you’ve qualified, you can register by clicking the links below.  Please register ASAP to help our many volunteers get ready for your arrival.