U.S. Open Final Results

The U.S. Open came to a spectacular close on Sunday evening, August 12, in Vancouver. Congratulations to all of our Oregon Scholastic players, who netted plenty of additional USCF rating points to bring back to our dual-rated scholastic events!

Results of particular note include a fantastic 6.5 points from incoming Junior Yogi Saputra, who won a clear first place in the U2000 rating class, bringing his rating well above 2000 — at the top of our Oregon scholastic players going into the calculation of our pre-All-Stars lists, and an increase of over 450 points since he received his established USCF rating in January of this year.

Despite playing an intense six rounds in the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions from Saturday-Tuesday, Coquille’s Aaron Grabinsky also had a great tournament, tying for second with 5.5 points in the U1800 class while Valentin Molchanov (4.5 points, U1400 class), Jonathan Yau (3.5 points, U1200 class), and John Ornes (3.5 points, U1200 class) all tied for third in their rating classes and will enjoy significant rating increases. ¬†There are many other results to be proud of in this particularly difficult tournament — all our Oregon competitors should be thrilled with their participation and results!