Two Days Left for Seaside Early Registration

0425150713The best deal ($35) on registering for the 2016 OSCF State Championship ends on Wednesday the 20th at midnight.  After that, the price increases to $45 through Saturday noon, and then more after that as we have to go backwards in our processes to get your player in the mix.  So please register ASAP!  We’re waiting on the NWSRS system to update with this last weekend’s games, but you can check the list of qualified players through April 12, found here; if you’re not there, but certain you will be on the next list because of games or tournaments played in the last week, you can wait until Wednesday, by which time we should have updated the qualification lists, or you can just register now and note in the comment box how you believe you qualified.  Once you have qualified, REGISTER FOR OSCF STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HERE, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Seaside on April 29-30. If you want more information about the event, see some more details here, including a schedule and details on rules, etc.

Many people worry about which section to register for.  As a practical matter, your player’s rating as of the end of this week and their grade will determine their section, and at state there are no real options to play up, with one exception:  Highly-rated Middle or High School players may choose to “play up” into the very difficult platinum / elite sections, which start play on Friday morning.  If your player is rated just under 1300 (for MS) or 1400 (for HS), this is worth thinking about.  Otherwise, just choose the regular sections based on your player’s grade in school.  (And if the question of rating doesn’t make sense to you, ask your player — betcha they’ll know!).  We will have more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions later this week, so check back often!