Thank you from Seaside!

Just a quick thank you (more to follow) from the entire board to all of you who attended and helped with the largest OSCF State Championship ever … and (as best we can tell) one of the largest chess tournaments in the state for several years. Final numbers are being compiled and will be reported soon (along with the USCF and NWSRS rating reports), but we hope everyone had a fantastic time. Please let us know what you thought about the event; if you have specific ideas about how the event can be improved, do let the board know (see “contact us” on the top menu bar).

Our event even attracted the attention of the Oregonian’s Travel Writer, who posted a story here on Saturday.  Leave a comment or two and let everyone know how much fun you had.  Wondering how long it will be before your next taffy fix?  You can always check out the scheduled dates for our next several years’ worth of events.  Thanks again!