Thank you!

0425150713It was a beautiful day yesterday in Seaside, where over 350 scholastic chess players (plus an additional 32 friends and family players) gathered together for a celebratory day of chess.

We will have more follow up later, but as families get home and settle back into their daily routines, we just wanted to say thank you:

  • to all the players and families who came so far and delivered their energy and enjoyment of the game;
  • to everyone who volunteered to help, regardless of where and when, whether you agreed to help from home before the event, to monitor rooms for a couple hours or all day, to TD several rounds, or to answer questions at chess central;
  • to those who stepped in to help informally, whether you were just helping to keep the excitement of the tourney at a safe level, or agreeing to help TD at the last minute;
  • to the Convention Center and the City of Seaside for playing the perfect hosts yet again (and arranging for great weather);
  • to board members past, present, and newly elected (on which more later) for stepping up to take a lead role in helping to set policy, develop ideas, and do the groundwork for these events and those that lead up to them;
  • and, of course, to the players who demonstrated such energy and commitment throughout the weekend (and who we hope had fun as well!).

There are many more worth thanking – you know who you are – and we’ll put up a more detailed post later.

Ratings will be posted within a few days – we need to make sure final results, including schools, grades, names, and scores, are all accurate.  We’ll also post photos and solicit your input about what worked and what didn’t.  And finally, we’ll start planning for the next State Championship – our Eleventh Annual – to be held on April 29-30, 2016!