Thank you!

As chess players and their families return to their regular weekly routine, the entire OSCF Board (including four new members) would like to thank everyone for making our 8th Annual OSCF State tournament the biggest, buggiest, and blitz-iest ever!  A total of 328 players competed during Saturday’s main event, more than 50 more than the year before.  There were 129 blitz players on Friday night, and a cocoon-busting 202 Bughouse players who took shelter in the packed Necanicum room from the blowing rainstorm outside.

Thanks to our volunteer photographers Herma Ornes (returning for yet another year of great photos), Travis Albers (who stepped up quickly at our request for assistance), and Rob Schuff (who has also helped manage uploading photos to the web), a collection of 600+ photos from this year’s event have already been uploaded to the OSCF Picasa albums.  You can access the photos from the home page; look for the “Photos” link on the left under Tournaments.

Final results will be rated and posted later this week.  Keep an eye out for an announcement about that, as well as a more detailed thanks to the many volunteers who helped make the event possible!