Team Championship

Chess team competitions are similar to tournaments for individuals, but they tend to generate even more excitement, camaraderie, and drama. Most scholastic chess tournaments in Oregon are organized competitions for individuals or as hybrid team/individual events which are run just like individual events but the scores of players from the same school or club are also summed and awards given to the top scoring schools. There are very few true team tournaments, although OSCF continues to support the well-attended events of the OHSCTA (the Oregon High School Chess Team Association) while continuing to investigate the possibility of developing an OSCF team tournament.  In order to remain consistent with the OSCF’s founding principles of “More Kids, More Chess, and More Fun,” however, any OSCF team championship would have to be (i) open to all teams (not just school-affiliated teams), (ii) rated, and (iii) organized into sections based on age and skill level.

If you have suggestions for timing, format, awards, venue, etc., post a comment or send us a note.

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