SwissSys is the premier tournament pairing software for US events. It is an essential tool for organizing tournament player data, making pairings (Swiss or round-robin), keeping track of scores, calculating tie-breaks, printing standings and wall-charts, formatting final cross-tables for submitting results to USCF or NWSRS for rating.

For Oregon TDs SwissSys is essential because: i. NWSRS has a custom registration program (free) that makes it very easy to enter player data into SwissSys, and ii. NWSRS-rated tournament results MUST be submitted in SwissSys format to get rated.

OSCF now offers discounted copies to OSCF-affiliated clubs and TDs for $75 (retail $99). To upgrade from 8.0 to 9.0, the cost is $37.50 (retail $45).  To get your copy for use in OSCF events (qualifiers and OSCF affiliated club events):

1. Download a free-trial version of the software from Be sure that you download it to the computer you want to use it with because the license will just be for one machine.

2. Send $75 to via PayPal or mail a check for $75 to OSCF (Contact us at for mailing address).  (Or send $37.50 if you want the upgrade license instead.)

3. Run the SwissSys program. In the Help|Register SwissSys dialog there is an 8-digit number called the “Machine ID” in one of the boxes. Send that number to We will then send you a license code to unlock your free trial version to get you full functionality.