Swisslandia Chess Tournament August 27

Rose City Chess invites you to the special Summer Edition of Swisslandia on August 27, 2022. Swisslandia is a beginner-friendly series of chess tournaments for players of all ages, with special emphasis on making sure scholastic players have fun. Players are divided into sections based on strength.

  • Winners receive generous prizes and award letters.
  • Chalk Art, Four-Square, and other games outside on the patio between rounds
  • Popsicle and/or Ice Cream for every in-person participant

Registration: Register at this link. 100% preregistered by 5:00pm the day before the event. No on-site registration.

Entry: $20

Ratings: USCF rated (discounted memberships available during checkout)

Equipment: Chess sets, clocks, notation sheets, and pencils all provided.

Format: Players are grouped in sections according to playing strength. Tournament Director may make slight adjustments to separate siblings, etc. Each person plays four rounds of G/25 +5 (each player gets 25 minutes of thinking time, plus a 5 second bonus after every move).