Summer All-Stars, Lifetime Achievement, OOK Invitees Posted!

FireworksThe Summer 2015 All-Stars List has been posted (click there!).  These players were the top ten Oregon scholastic chess players in each grade from K-12 during the trimester from May 1 to August 31, 2015.  The players had to play at least one regular rated game (NWSRS or USCF) in the trimester. Rankings for those students are based on the highest established rating attained in the trimester, as determined by the maximum of the highest established NWSRS rating held during the trimester and the highest established USCF published monthly rating from the supplements published June 2015 through September 2015.  Do let us know if you think that you see something incorrect in the list, and we’ll check and add you if necessary.

We have also posted the 2015 Lifetime Achievement list (the 25 scholastic players in the state with the largest number of rated NWSRS games), and the list of invited Order of the Knight members — i.e., those members who have played a NWSRS rated game between 9/1/14 and 8/31/15.

All these players, as well as those on the 2015 Winter and Spring lists, are eligible to participate in the 2015 8th Annual Oregon All-Stars Invitational, which will be held in Salem on October 9, 2015 (details and online registration will be posted here by September 13). You can find a master alphabetical list of all invited players here.  Congratulations to all of the invitees!