State Qualified Players: First List!

Based on games and tournaments played through 2-12-2014, 216 players have qualified for the 2014 9th Annual OSCF State Championship in Seaside, Oregon, to take place on Friday and Saturday, April 11-12, 2014.  These players have an established rating (>15 career NWSRS games) and have played in at least two OSCF qualifying tournaments between April 14, 2013 and the date noted above (or have otherwise met qualification requirements).  Note that this list does not yet take into account USCF-rated-only games or tournaments, but will do so by the end of the month.  For more details on qualifying, see here.

If you don’t yet see your name on the list, and played a tournament in the last week, be patient!  You’ll likely show up soon.  This list will be updated by the end of the week of Feb. 16, and we will also post a list of those who are approaching — but not yet quite qualified for — State.  We hope to see you in Seaside – registration will be live within the next day or so.