State is Rated

For those of you waiting for the official rating reports for the 10th Annual OSCF State Championship, they’re here!  The NWSRS rating report can be found on the NWSRS web site, and the USCF rating report for the six dual-rated sections can be found at the USCF website.  Note that the USCF report, in particular, is not in tiebreak order.  To learn more about tiebreaks, click here.  And while there are more photos to come, take a look at what’s been posted already by clicking here.

DSC_3264Congratulations to our State Champions:

High School: Yogi Saputra
Middle School: Owen McCoy
Elementary School: (Three-way tie between) Maxwell Chen, Victor Dossin, and Praveer Sharan
Primary School: Eric Erard

Also taking home top trophies were the following section winners:

HS Silver: Ben Kurtz
HS Copper: Holger Mirkes
MS Silver: Nikhil Samudrala
MS Copper: Adam Jones
MS Zinc: Nick Diana
MS Iron: Darshan Sankar
ES Silver: Calvin Chang
ES Copper: Allison Mattingly
ES Zinc: Thomas Schuff
ES Iron: Garrett Mackey
PS Silver: Forrest Holt
PS Copper: Ocean Punsalan
Friends & Family (Open): Dagadu Gaikwad
Friends & Family (Kids): River Nichols

The top bughouse section was won by Owen McCoy and Jack Woo McClain.

The top blitz section was won by Aaron Grabinsky.