Link to State Details and Rules; Sectioning

For those of you already registered for state (not registered?  Click here.), we will be posting more details a little later in the week.  But there is already a lot online; the Details and Rules pages have plenty of information about sections and timing (basics: everyone except top middle and high school sections needs to check in by Saturday April 25 at 9am).  Almost all of your questions will already be answered there.

Specifics about section assignments will not be set until after regular registration closes next weekend.  It won’t matter too much, though, since all of the sections (except the top Middle School (1300+) and High School sections (1400+)) will start at the same time on Saturday.

We’ll also be posting more about Blitz and Bughouse a little later in the week.  Let’s just say this, though:  get your crazy chess hats together!