Spring All-Stars

rspuppis_bryne_960The Spring All Stars list was compiled — but the link was hidden.  Sorry!  Find the Spring 2015 All-Stars listed here; this is the list of the top 10 rated players, per grade, who were active between January 1 and April 30, 2015.  Do let us know if you think that you see something incorrect in the list, and we’ll check and add you if necessary.

All-Stars lists are published each trimester of the year. Any player on one or more of the winter, spring or summer lists — or on the 2015 Lifetime Achievement list (to be published next fall), or any member of the Order of the Knight who played a NWSRS rated game between 9/1/14 and 8/31/15 — is eligible to participate in the 2015 8th Annual Oregon All-Stars Invitational, which we plan to hold in Salem in on the second Friday in October of 2015 (details to come in September). Congratulations to everyone on the list!