Southern League, Round 3

by Nancy Keller

Round 3 of the Southern Oregon Chess League was held in Sutherlin this Saturday and once again, Coquille dominated at both the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels. Coquille did not have a single loss on any board as they played against Marshfield, Myrtle Point, Sutherlin and Oakland.

Final result for Varsity:
1st Coquille
2nd Oakland
3rd Sutherlin
4th Marshfield

Final result for Junior Varsity:
1st Coquille
2nd Myrtle Point
3rd Sutherlin
4th Oakland

Varsity players:
Coquille: Jessi Ross, Tasha Keller, Stephen Mast, Jasmine Lambson and Ivy Hallmark.
Oakland: Jeff Miller, Desi Colley, Kaila Cowie and Christine Sarubbi
Sutherlin: Chris Warren, Natasha Kress and Tyler Wilson
Marshfield: Shawn Hutchinson, Dillon Matthew and Jeron Winters

Junior Varsity players:
Coquille: Aaron Grabinsky. Sarai Perkins, Kaden Johnson, Seth Lambson and Mason Collard.
Myrtle Point: Chase Kulm, Michael Schrader, Marissa Webb, Tyler Davenport, Miriam Webb
Sutherlin: Bryson Price, Anthony Buck and Joseph Chetwood
Oakland: Iza Cowie and Tyann Applebee

Extra Coquille players were brought for practice and to allow games to be played on absent boards. They also made up extra teams to fill in bye positions. Thanks Tanner Flood, Isaiah Hill, Dane Ramirez, Jenni Ross, Jacob Frasier, Josiah Perkins, Malachi Hallmark, Emily Clemons, Tyler Overby, Chelsea Reeves and Emily Terry.

Medford area brought two players Collin Goldman and Devin Kruse to make up a pseudo team filled in with Coquille players. They won all their games except against Coquille. Between good chess playing and pizza, everyone had a blast!

UPDATE: Full results at NWSRS.

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