Seaside Registration Deadline Draws Near!

The OSCF Board (and many others!) are hard at work pulling together the many moving parts that have to click into place in order to bring your players the 8th Annual OSCF State Chess Championship in Seaside on April 12-13.  Please remember that this year’s registration deadline is Midnight on FRIDAY April 5.  If you haven’t already registered, please click here to register online as soon as you can, as it helps us to plan for the event.  Here is a list of Who’s Coming.

As you’re registering, please consider volunteering to help, even if only for a little while.  It makes a huge difference in letting us do all we can to make the event go smoothly for everyone.

The latest qualifier lists have been posted (this includes all events through Sunday evening, March 23), including those students who aren’t quite there yet (because they need an established rating, or one more qualifier).  The window of opportunity is rapidly closing, though, as all qualification work needs to be done by April 3 (with the sole exception of the Eugene Spring Fling on 4/6; see the last paragraphs of this post).  We hope to see you there!