Seaside Details & Rules

Registration has closed for the 8th Annual OSCF State Tournament in Seaside.  Thank you for registering!  We will be sending an email later in the week with last-minute information about the event, but in the meantime, almost all of your questions can be answered by looking at the latest version of tournament details, tournament rules, blitz rules, and bughouse rules.  Also, an updated list of Who’s Coming has been posted.

Note that the Who’s Coming page lists the 14 High School Elite and 23 Middle School Elite players who are the only players that begin play on Friday morning; please check in by 10:30 or so! If you’re playing Blitz on Friday, come no later than 3:45 so you can check in by 4:00. If you’re playing Bughouse on Friday, come no later than 5:45 to check in by 6:00. And for everyone else, check in by 9:00am on Saturday morning.