Rose City Chess Halloween Tournament October 23 (online)

Free Rose City Chess T-Shirt for every participant!

The Fifth Annual Rose City Chess Halloween Tournament is one of the most fun scholastic tournaments in the Northwest.

Each participant receives a Check or Treat Prize after every Round. The prizes alone are worth the registration fee! Nothing takes the sting out of a loss (or adds to the joy of victory) like free chess prizes.

This year Rose City Chess is going overboard on SWAG by giving free Rose City Chess T-Shirts as the Round 5 Prize. T-Shirts (and other prizes) will be mailed after the tournament.

Students compete in sections based on playing strength. Rounds are Swiss Paired by Lichess so that games become more evenly matched as the event progresses.

No need for award pick-up this year! Rose City Chess will mail everything to you.

Registration closes Friday October 22, 2021 at 8:00pm. Register at Rose City Chess.


Awards: Custom Limited Edition Ribbons for 1st-5th place in each section, Plus Scores, Even Scores, and Costume Contest Award Winners.

Equipment: Participants must use a laptop or Chromebook with a working camera and microphone. Tablets and phones are not permitted for tournament play. Participants must be in the Zoom call with their cameras on during games. Participants who do not have a camera on during games may forfeit any prizes. Participants also need a free account on They will need to use Lichess in Google Chrome. Other browsers have very high failure rates during tournaments.

Ratings: NWSRS and Lichess Classical Rated; 2022 OSCF State Championship Qualifier

Sections: U600/Unrated K-5, U900/Unrated 6-8, U1200/Unrated 9-12, U1500, Open

Location: Online via Zoom and

Date and Time: Saturday October 23, 2021; 9:15 Check-in; 10:00 Round 1; 11:00 Round 2; 12:00 Round 3; 1:00 Round 4; 2:00 Round 5 (TIMES APPROXIMATE AND CAN BE MOVED AT TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR’S DISCRETION)

Fair Play: Video monitoring and cheat detection provided. Participants must agree to the OSCF Fair Play Agreement. Standings and awards not official until the completion of post-tournament fair play review.