Results Posted; Finalist List Updated (Updated)

Results from the eight events last week have been posted at NWSRS (including results from Grizzly Classic). So far this year there have been 67 OSCF qualifiers, and there are four more on the calendar. The list of players who have qualified for the State Championship has grown to a record 376.

Qualifiers this week:
OHSCTA State HS Team Tournament, Sherwood, March 11-12
Lucky Leprechauns, Klamath Falls, March 12, 2011
Grizzly Classic, Salem, March 12
Clatskanie Last Chance, Clatskanie, March 11
Chess Odyssey Friday Quads, Beaverton, March 11
Chess Vision Quads, Portland, March 13

Other rated events:
Clatskanie Inhouse March, Clatskanie, March 10
Rieke In-House, Portland, March 10

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