Record Number of Oregon Girls in USCF Top 100 Lists

OSCF began in March 2022 tracking the number of Oregon players appearing in the USCF List of Top 100 Players by Age

This month the girls set a new record with eight listed in the USCF Top 100 List of Girls by age:

  1. Jocelyn Cattone, Age 8, #42
  2. Laasya Sreevalli Lanka, Age 9, #27
  3. Prisha Aswal, Age 9, #79
  4. Annika Lykins, Age 10, #33
  5. Anisha Sripada, Age 11, #28
  6. Zoey Tang, Age 14, #1 (and #10 overall!)
  7. Nesara Shree, Age 16, #99
  8. Pahlychai Thao, Age 17, #78

We have several more up and coming girls who only need to make the threshold of 26 rated games before their names appear in the Top 100.

We also have a strong contingent of six boys who are in the USCF Overall Top 100 by Age:

  1. Austin Tang, Age 12, #50
  2. Havish Sripada, Age 13, #17
  3. Ishaan Kodarapu, Age 13 #77
  4. Roshen Nair, Age 16, #64
  5. Shunkai Peng, Age 18, #10
  6. Joshua Grabinsky, Age 18, #19

One of the reasons Oregon’s kids are rising through the Top 100 is the increasing availability of USCF rated tournaments in Oregon, especially in the Portland/Beaverton Metro Area and Eugene.

There are many strong players throughout the state waiting for Tournament Directors to offer USCF events closer to where they live. Want to help them out? Become a USCF Tournament Director! OSCF can help you learn how. For more information, email

Congrats to all our terrific chess players!