Qualifier List Updated to 3-25; There’s still time!

We have updated the list of players who have qualified for Seaside.  Based on tournaments played and games rated through March 25, 407 players have qualified for the 10th Annual OSCF State Championship in Seaside, OR, on April 24-25.  We have also updated the list of players who only need an established rating to qualify, and the list of players who need just one more OSCF Qualifier tournament to qualify.  Remember, you have to qualify by April 15 in order to register for the event.  Remember to book your hotel room, too!

For coaches and parents who want to review the status of players at their school (encourage them to qualify and come!), we have posted an Excel spreadsheet listing the qualification status of all players who have played in an OSCF qualifying event.

There is still time to qualify, but it’s getting very tricky!!  For more details on qualifying, see this page; you need to (A) play in two qualifying tournaments, and (B) have an established NWSRS or USCF rating.

(A) There are four remaining tournaments posted on the calendar:

1) The Friday Night Quads run by Chess Odyssey on April 10.
2) The Bethel Friday Quads in the Eugene area on April 10;
3) The Spring Fling in Eugene on April 11.
4) The Harmon Memorial played at the Portland Chess Club on April 11 and 12.  Note that this event will be more appropriate for advanced players, and for various reasons it will probably not help you get to the necessary 15 rated games.

(B) If, after playing those tournaments, you don’t have 15 total NWSRS rated games, look at this post to figure out how to get up to at least 15; this might mean playing several rated “club” games at your school.  If you can’t figure out how to do this based on that just-linked post, contact us and we can help make it happen.