Qualified Players for OSCF State Championship

Here is the list of the 176 players that have qualified for the 16th Annual OSCF State Championship in Seaside, Oregon, to take place on Friday and Saturday, April 1–2, 2022. REGISTRATION IS OPENING SOON!

If you don’t see your name on this list, check this:

  1. Have you played in ONE OSCF qualifying tournament this year? (Not all tournaments are qualifiers – OSCF qualifiers are shown in GREEN on the NWSRS calendar).
  2. Have you played at least 8 NWSRS Rated games in your chess lifetime? (Look up your number of NWSRS games in the online NWSRS system).
  3. Have you played at least 8 NWSRS Rated games this academic year? (September 1, 2020 to March 23, 2022)

You can also check the list of players close to qualifying here.

For more information, see our website for details on how to qualify.

If you have played one qualifying tournament and just need more games to establish your rating, you can still qualify if you play the additional rated games before March 20, 2022.  See our instructions on how to do this and notify us at oscf@oscf.org if you plan to do this.

If you think you’ve qualified based on OSCF qualifying tournaments and NWSRS games and don’t see your name, contact us with details of what tournaments/games you think you’ve played and we’ll look into why you’re not on our list yet.