Quadlandia S2 E5 on March 30

Welcome to Quadlandia Season 2!
S2 E6 Tuesday March 30, 2021 5:00PM-8:00PM

REGISTER HERE and see more information.
– Real NWSRS rated tournaments!
– Real prizes! Winners receive Chessable Courses and typewritten congratulations
– Real cheat detection and video monitoring
– Portion of every entry donated to non-profits

S2 E6 Beneficiary: TBD

Quadlandia Season One had 8 episodes and raised over $2000 for Oregon chess clubs and non-profits affected by Covid-19. We’re currently selecting beneficiaries for Season Two, which will have 6 episodes. I’ll list beneficiaries on this page when decisions are finalized.

Schedule for Tournament
4:00PM: Registration Closes
4:15PM: Check email for Zoom Link and Section Assignments
4:30PM: Zoom Call Opens
4:45PM: Players must be logged on to Lichess and join the Zoom Call
5:00PM: Round 1
ASAP: Round 2
ASAP: Round 3
8:00: Tournament Complete

Entry Fee:

Tournament Director: Chad Lykins
Contact: chad.r.lykins@gmail.com