Presidents’ Day At Tigard Grange

by Steven Cousineau

Forty-one scholastic chess players took one day of a three day weekend to try five rounds of competitive chess in a new venue. The Tigard Grange building dates back to 1925 but this is the first time in as long as anybody can remember that there were this many young families in the facility playing chess.

The results:

Rooks High
1. Grant Yu – Cedar Park
2. Cameron Kocher – Whitford
3. Colin Liu – Jacob Wismer

Rooks Strong
1. Chase Morgan – Forest Grove
2. Stephen Nguyen – Portland Lutheran
3. Samuel Nguyen – Portland Lutheran

Bishops High
1. Jinho Kim – Bethany
2. Angela Decker – Laurel Ridge
3. Sophia Kahl – Franciscan MES

Bishops Elementary
1. David Han – CF Tigard
2. Sharon Cousineau – CF Tigard
3. Zach Yuzon – CF Tigard

Sportsmanship Awards:
Avi Gupta, Derek Liu, Victoria Liu

Fantastic Notation Award:
Angela Decker

Biggest Upset on the day:
Quinlon Eisenhauer (205 point)

Tigard Presidents' Day Tournament

Rooks High Section Winners: Grant, Cameron, Colin

Rooks Strong Section Winners: Chase, Stephen, Samuel

Bishops High Section Winners: Jinho, Angela, Sophia

Bishops Elementary Section Winners: David, Sharon, Zach