Preliminary Sections for State; Scheduling notes

Click here to see the section assignments currently planned for State 2015.  Note that EXCEPT for the MS & HS Elite sections, which are pretty fixed at this point, these assignments are subject to change up until the start of the first round as we attempt to keep sections even in the face of people not attending.  Your name tag that you pick up at the main registration desk will include your final section assignment, as well as detailed schedule information for the rounds in your room.

As we’ve already pointed out, check in for everyone except the HS and MS Elite sections is no later than 9am on Saturday.  You can check in through the day on Friday, or Saturday morning starting at 7:30am.  For those two elite sections only, be there by 10:30am on Friday.

As for schedule:  Generally speaking, the Green room rounds will start by 9:30 on Saturday, finish by 4:00, and awards should be done by 5:30 (we give all Green room awards at the same time).  The other rooms (Gold and Blue) will start by 9:30 (except for Red – MS & HS Elite, which start on Friday), finish by 6:15, and awards should be done by 7:15 (again, all Red, Gold, and Blue room awards are at the same time).  It’s a late night, we know, but there’s lots of chess to fit in, and there’s plenty to do (including LUCKY CHESS!!) in between the green room awards and the final awards.

Details about Blitz check in and play can be found here; we’re working on final bughouse details (in essence, check in no later than 6 pm on Friday, and bring your Crazy Hats) and will post those soon, same for Friends and Family (check in (or add yourself or your players) on Friday morning between 9:30 and 10:30; rounds start 10:45).