Portland League: Time is Short!

Registration deadlines for Portland League are fast approaching. The league features weekly matches between five-player, high school teams.  Typically, teams consist of classmates from the same high school or feeder middle school, but individuals from schools without a team are welcome to register for placement on an existing team. The league is open to all middle school and high school players and for the first time is an OSCF championship qualifier. Individuals must register by September 30; teams, by October  15.

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by Ed Addis

High School and Middle School chess clubs in the Portland metropolitan area should check out the Portland Area Chess League.  The League has been operating for over 20 years providing local clubs with the opportunity to compete against other schools.   Team chess is different than playing in a regular chess tournament in that it takes a team effort to win the match.  Each match consists of five boards with your team’s best player on board #1, your second best on board #2, and so.  The winner of the match is the team that scores three or more points.  If both teams score 2 ½ points the match is drawn.

The League runs from November to February each school year with matches played at 4 PM on Wednesday’s when Lincoln High School is open.  Last year the League had 16 teams competing in a seven round robin sections and then seven rounds of a Swiss style tournament for a total of 14 games.

Teams are typically composed of players in grades 6th to 12th from the same school or one of its feeder schools.  For example a student in the 6th grade at West Sylvan Middle school can play on the Lincoln High School team.

Teams are not limited to the number of players that they can have.  Clubs that have many players are encouraged to field additional teams.  It is also important for teams to have some reserve players as it is a long season and no one really wants to win or lose a board by forfeit.  To keep your reserve players sharp and ready to step in when needed we also encourage teams to bring their reserve players to each match so they can be paired against reserves from other teams.  Team Registration ends October 15, 2011.

What if you don’t have a team?  You still can join!

If your home schooled or in middle school you may be eligible to be on an existing team, if you reside within their attendance area.  What if the local schools are not part of the League?  You will then be placed on an existing team depending on where you live and the needs of teams in the league. .   Individual registration ends on September 30, 2011.

The following schools are currently planning to compete in the 2011-2012 season:

Access Academy (a Middle School); Clackamas High School; Cleveland High School; Horizon Christian High School; Jesuit High School;  Lake Oswego High School; La Salle College Prep; Lincoln High School; Sherwood High School;  West Sylvan Middle School; and possibly Horizon Christian, Wilson, and Westview High Schools.

OSCF Qualifier:  This year the League is one of the qualifier tournaments for the OSCF Championship tournament.

For more information you can check out the NW Scholastic Calendar for November 2, 2011 or call Ed Addis at (503) 658-7809 or by e-mail at chessalot@aol.com.