Portland League, Round 2

by Ed Addis

The second round of the Portland Area League on Wednesday, November 9th had a rocky start. The Scio team was unable to come, and the matches had to be re-paired at the last minute. After a mistake in the re-pairing, the matches had to be re-re-paired as over 100 high school and middle school chess players patiently waited while the coaches scrambled to get everyone matched up correctly.

The results were somewhat predictable, with the higher rated teams winning most of their matches. A couple of minor upsets did occur with Clackamas #2 edging out Cleveland #2 by a score of 3 to 2 and Sylvan #2 taking down a depleted Wilson #2 by a score of 4 to 1 (with Wilson Forfeiting board 4 and 5). Number one ranked Clackamas came with their top players and crushed Wilsonville 5 to 0. Second ranked Cleveland dropped the first two boards to Wilson, but took the match by winning on the bottom three boards. Third ranked Lake Oswego only gave up a draw to Lincoln. Fourth ranked Jesuit took the first thee boards against Westview. Fifth ranked Sylan ran all over Access Academy #2 by a score of 5 to 0, and LaSalle did the same thing to Sherwood. Access Academy’s top team flew passed LaSalle #3 by a score of 5 to 0. Jesuit #2 beat Access Academy #3 by a score of 3 to 1 as both teams forfeited their 5th boards. LaSalle #2 won on the odd boards and Lake Oswego the even to take the match by a score of 3 to 2.

After the second round, there are six teams sitting at 2 match wins: Clackamas, Cleveland, Lake Oswego, Jesuit, Sylvan, and LaSalle.

The following individuals are at a perfect 2/2:

Access Academy: Kian Patel
Clackamas: Gavin Megson, Kevin Rhine, Hai Dao, and Tommy Lum
Clevland: Peter Kleier
Jesuit: Bruce Eng, Joseph Chen, and Varun Sah
Lake Oswego: Pranav Sharan and Joel Porter
LaSalle: Dmitri Murphy, Charlie Summers, Alex Peterson, Tucker Price, and Alex Schoen
Sylvan: Clemen Deng, Leo Deng, Marjorie Sheiman, Chris Pham, and Dylan Huard
Sherwood: Zach Call
Wilson: Dillon Murray, Nathan Jewell, and Alexander Duley
Westview: Lamson Vu and Cheng Chen

The Portland Area League plays each Wednesday from November through March at Lincoln High School at 4 PM. If you are in middle school or high school and want to see or be a part of League e-mail Ed Addis at chessalot@aol.com.