Portland Chess Club, November G/60

The Portland Chess Club hosts a four-round G/60 tournament one Saturday per month. The tournaments are OSCF qualifiers, but usually about 3/4 of the participants are adults.

Scary? Nah… Well, scary for the adults maybe. In a match-up between a 10 year old and an adult 100 points higher rated, I’d put my money on the kid–like 4th grader Liam Booth (1252 USCF) beating Gregory Markowski (1457).

Other Oregon scholastic players participating were 8th grader David Wen from Cheldelin Middle School in Corvallis, 10th grader Steven Witt of Century High School (Hillsboro), 6th grader Venkat Doddapaneni of Stoller Middle School (Portland), and 6th grader Valentin Molchanov of Bethany Montessori (Portland).

Full results at USCF.

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