Portland Chess Club G/45 on 4/18/2015; 1st Annual Rose City Sectionals on 5/2/15


For those interested in getting additional practice before OSCF State Championship at Seaside, there will be a quads tournament at the Portland Chess Club on 4/18/2015. The time control will be Game 45 with a 10-second delay. This quad is dual-rated for both USCF and NWSRS rating systems. USCF membership is required and can be purchased either online or at the time of registration. If you have a chess clock, please bring it–boards and pieces are provided. The cost is $15 for entrants who are not members of the Portland Chess Club, $10 for those who are, free for entrants who are unrated USCF (USCF membership still required).

There will be another tournament, the Rose City Sectionals, at the Portland Chess Club on 5/2/15.

From PCC Tournament Director Micah Smith:

Quad 45 (April 18) – Great way for scholastic players to get introduced to “adult” tournaments by playing in sections with similarly rated players. It’s the week before the OSCF State Championship so it’s an excellent warmup for the state championship.

1st Annual Rose City Sectionals (May 2-3) – great way for scholastic players to get experience with longer time controls while competing for good cash prizes and trophies in a section with similarly rated players.

PCC tournaments have many adult participants as well, so they’re best suited for children who have prior tournament experience and can concentrate for the longer time control. Parents can play as well, and the Tournament Director can arrange the pairings so that children do not have to play their own parents (and siblings do not have to play other siblings). The Quad 45 on April 18th is only a week before Seaside, and the results from the quad will not affect section assignments and initial pairings for the Seaside tournament.

For location and other details on the PCC G/45, click here. For information about the 1st Annual Rose City Sectionals, click here. For more information about the Portland Chess Club, click here.