Portland Chess Club Announces Tournament Scholarships for Female Chess Players

Portland Chess Club is waving entry fees for the next twelve months for all female chess players at their monthly Sunday Quads, Tuesday Quads, and Game in 60. The pledge amounts to $900 in tournament scholarships for every female chess player in the state of Oregon. This support will run from June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023.

Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation is supporting PCC’s historic commitment by paying the costs of USCF memberships for new and renewing female players entering events at Portland Chess Club.

For a complete list of tournament dates, please visit https://www.pdxchess.org/.

OSCF and PCC are official partners in the Oregon Chess Project, a collaborative initiative between Oregon’s chess organizers aimed at growing and diversifying the chess community. If you would like to become a partner organization and/or make a financial contribution to support these efforts, please contact OSCF President Chad Lykins (chad@rosecitychess.com) or Portland Chess Club President Mike Janniro (email@pdxchess.org).