Portland Area HS League, Round 6

by Ed Addis
Portland Area HS League teams play one match per week against another team in the league. Wednesday night (Dec 15) they played their sixth round.

Upper Division
In the Upper Division first place Clackamas yielded just one draw against a depleted LaSalle team. Second place Horizon Christian lost on first board, won the next three, and got a free point for a forfiet on board 5 against Westview. Lake Oswego (last year’s state champion team) had a tough time on the top two boards scoring only half a point, but their bottom three boards came through with wins against Cleveland. Fourth place Lincoln roughed up Sherwood by a score of 4 to 1.

Lake Oswego and Sherwood played their delayed first round matches after all the 6th round games were completed — not sure when they got done but it must have been closing in on 9 PM. In the Upper Division Lake Oswego showed no mercy to Sherwood beating them by 4 to 1. In the Lower Divison Sherwood turned the tables on Lake Oswego winning by the same 4 to 1 score.

Upper Division Standings Through Round 6

Place School Match Pts.
1 Clackamas #1 5
2 Lake Oswego #1 4.5
3 Horizon Christian 4
4 Lincoln #1 3.5
5 Cleveland 2
6 LaSalle #1 2
7 Westview 2
8 Sherwood #1 1

Upper Division
In the Lower Divison, first place Jesuit crushed third place Lincoln 5 to 0 as Lincoln could not find players to fill the last two boards. Second placed Clackamas stayed even with Lake Oswego on the first four boards, but lost the match when they were forced to forfeit the 5th board. Fourth place Sherwood caught a big break as they lost on board 1 and 3, but won on board 2 and got free points due to forfeits on boards 4 and 5. Fifth place Access Academy ran through the three players fielded by LaSalle and picked up two free points from forfeits on the bottom boards.

Lower Division Standings Through Round 6

Place School Match Pts.
1 Jesuit 6
2 Sherwood #2 4
3 Clackamas #2 3
4 Access Academy 3
5 Lake Oswego 3
6 Lincoln #2 2
7 Wilson 2
8 LaSalle 1

After The Seventh Round…
The League members decided to eliminate the Upper and Lower Divisions after we have completed the 7th round. All 16 teams will then play a 7 round second half using the swiss system for pairings. One provisions that we will have is that the first team of a school (composed of their top 5 players) will not be paired against their second team.

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