Portland Area HS League: Conclusion!

by Ed Addis
The Portland Area League completed their match play on Wednesday February 23rd amid news reports of a snow storm coming at any moment. The weather did have its moments, but all except one team made the trip to Lincoln High School for one last match. First placed Lake Oswego #1 faced off against Jesuit, the winner of the first half Lower Division round robin. Lake Oswego was able to hold on to their First Place position with a convincing 4 to 1 victory. Hot on their heals, Clackamas #1 quickly dispatched Access Academy 5 to 0. La Salle College Prep #1 finished strong with a surprising 4 to 1 victory over Cleveland, yielding only draws on boards one and three. Sherwood #1 crushed Lake Oswego #2 by a score of 5 to 0. Lincoln #1’s bottom three boards swept their opponents to defeat Horizon Christian by a score of 3.5 to 1.5. With threats of bad weather, Clackamas #2 edged out La Salle College Prep #2 by a score of 2 to 1 with both teams forfeiting the last two boards. Wilson arrived from the near west side but their opponents further to the west – Westview chose to rely on the weather reports and their local weather conditions and did not show up. Sherwood #2 beat the depleted Lincoln #2 team by a score of 3 to 2 winning on board 1 and getting forfeits and boards 4 and 5.

Lake Oswego had a great second half Swiss tournament winning all 7 matches and scoring 28.5 game points out of a possible 35. Clackamas #2 took second (losing to Lake Oswego in round 3 of the Swiss) with 6 match wins and 27.5 game points. Sherwood #1 took third with 4 1/2 match points and 22.5 game points edging out La Salle College Prep who also had 4 1/2 match points but only 19.5 game points.

There were many outstanding achievements by individuals over the 14 rounds of play in the League. The top three performances on each board were;

Board 1 —- Alexandra Botez of Clackamas, Bryce Eng of Jesuit, and Fred Litt of Lake Oswego.
Board 2 —- Marcus Woltring of Horizion Christian, Dmitri Murphy of Jesuit, and Gavin Megson of Clackamas
Board 3 —- Tushar Sah of Jesuit, Joel Porter of Lake Oswego, and Jordan Edelson of Lincoln
Board 4 —- Charles Earp of Lake Oswego, Nathan Ryan of Lincoln, and Tommy Lum of Clackamas
Board 5 —- Kevin Rhine of Clackamas, Alexander Schoen of La Salle, and Lily LoBasso of Sherwood.

The Portland Area League had 129 students from 16 Teams representing 11 different schools this year. We hope that next year all of these numbers increase.

If your school (or an individual) is interested in playing in our League please contact Ed Addis at chessalot@aol.com . The league’s main focus is high school chess teams. However we do allow middle schools to compete as a team and middle schools (grades 6-8) to play on high school teams. This season Access Academy (a middle school) was in the League and finished with a very respectable 7 match victories for the 14 game season. Two or three years ago West Hills Christian middle school also was in the league and did very well. All of the matches are played in the cafeteria of Lincoln High School almost always on Wednesdays. Games start at 4 PM with a time limit of Game in 60. All games are completed shortly after 6 PM as we also allow the use of a 5 second time delay. All games are NWSRS rated.

For the 2011/2012 school year we will begin with a Swiss Team tournament. Schools that field more than one team will not be paired against each other. After a sufficient number of round the teams will be divided into more competitive divisions for a team round robin tournament. The cost for each team will be $70 which is very small sum when you consider that it covers the entire team. Teams consists of five players but many teams have many more players in order to lessen the possibility of a forfeit for no shows. The season will run from October or November until February (we must finish before the Oregon High School Team Championship).

Next Wednesday March 2nd the League will have its final meeting of the year. We call it the Fun Day where Teams and individuals will be presented with their awards. All of the players will be able to enjoy pizza and to play against others in either a speed or bug-house chess tournament — and nothing is rated — its just for fun.

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