Portand Area HS League Soldiering On

By Ed Addis.

The third round of the Portland Area League was played during the finals week for many of the participating High Schools. We had thought that everyone was going to be able to make the matches and the pairings were made and sent to all the teams for the January 26th match, but that was not the case. Westview had requested a 1/2 point bye but the bye was schedule for the last match for February 23rd instead of January 26th and their coach did not see they were scheduled for a match. Lincoln (the host site for the matches) were barely able to field five players for their top team as their other players must have fled from the school after the finals of that Wednesday to prepare for more finals the next day.

The top match of the night saw Lake Oswego #1 getting their revenge on Clackamas #1 by winning on the three middle boards while dropping the top and bottom boards. Sherwood #1 held the very tough Horizon Christian to a drawn match after losing on the first and second boards. LaSalle #1 whip Clackamas #2 by winning the first four boards and taking the last board by forfeit as Clackamas also had a few of their players that needed time to study for their remaining finals. Cleveland came a player short but downed a depleted Lincoln #1 by a score of 3.5 to 1.5. Lake Oswego #2 and LaSalle #2 were even on the first four boards with each of them winning 2 games, however, Lake Oswego brought a full team thereby winning 5th board by forfeit and the match by a score of 3 to 2. Sherwood #2 took no prisoners with a 5 – 0 victory over Wilson.

Standings after 3 rounds of the 7 round Swiss
Place Team Match Points Board Points

1 Lake Oswego #1 3 12
2 Sherwood #1 2.5 10.5
3 LaSalle #1 2.5 8.5
4 Clackamas #1 2 10
5 Access Academy 2 10
6 Horizon Christian 2 10
7 Cleveland 2 9.5
8 Lake Oswego #2 2 8
9 Clackamas #2 1.5 7.5
10 Westview 1.5 3.5
11 Jesuit 1 7
12 Lincoln #1 1 6.5
13 Sherwood #2 1 5
14 LaSalle #2 0.5 2.5
15 Wilson 0 2
16 Lincoln #2 0 0.5

The top pair for next weeks matches has LaSalle #1 attempting to get revenge against Lake Oswego #1 who beat them by a score of 4 to 1 in the 5th round of the Robin Robin on December 8th

Individual board leaders are:

Board 1: Alexandra Botez of Clackamas and Bryce Eng of Jesuit lead with 8 wins over Brian Yang of Access Academy with 7.
Board 2: Marcus Woltring of Horizon Christian leads with 9 wins while Dmitri Murphy of Jesuit has 8.
Board 3: Tushar Sah of Jesuit is in the lead with an undefeated 9 wins,Jordan Edelson of Lincoln has 7 1/2.
Board 4: Charles Earp of Lake Oswego has 9 wins and leads Christopher DiMarrco of Jesuit with 7 1/2.
Board 5: Kevin Rhine of Clackamas has 9 wins and leads Noah Gladen-Kolarsky of Access Academy with 7

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