Parent to Parent

Is my child ready to compete?

By Kate Taylor

There are several factors involved in a parent’s decision to have their child enter the world of competitive chess. Before you take the plunge, ask yourself these questions…

1) Can they sit still for 30-60 minutes and concentrate on their game without being distracted or distracting others?
2) Can they be quiet in the tournament hall?
3) Do they know all of the rules?
4) Can they ultimately checkmate their opponent?
5) Will they be able to make it through 5 rounds of chess over a 6-7 hour period of time?
6) Can they be a good sport?
7) Will they ask for help if they are having difficulty with their opponent?
8) Can they handle defeat?
9) Can they handle winning in a kind way?
10) Can they keep their room clean?

Okay, one of these isn’t really necessary, but you get the picture. Playing competitive chess isn’t just about knowing how to play chess well… it’s knowing how to play well during chess.

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