Parent’s Guide to Online Chess

Never before have there been so many opportunities to play and learn chess.

Where to play:,,

Tactics trainers:,,, ChessTempo, CT-ART

Where to watch grandmaster tournaments:,

Where to host your own tournament:, (OSCF can help!)

Where to host your own chess club:,, (OSCF can help!)

Where to find online books and videos: Chessable,,,,, YouTube (caution advised)

Local options for online lessons and tournaments: Chess Odyssey, Rose City Chess, Southside Chess

More information on these resources below!

Lichess is a free non-profit website that has become one of the world’s most popular chess platforms. Unlike every other website listed, Lichess does not show ads, sell user data, or hide features behind pay walls. Lichess has a “Kid Mode” to help protect young players. Users can watch matches from the world’s best players, including the world champion. Coaches and Tournament Directors make extensive use of Lichess Studies, puzzles, computer analysis, game database, and tournament features.

Free registration allows you to play against players at your skill level and do a limited number of daily tactics (all in exchange for accepting advertisements). Paid memberships allow access to a unlimited puzzles and a greater range of instructional content. hosts many popular chess streamers, including Oregon’s Botez Sisters and US Champion Hikaru Nakamura.

ChessKid’s playing experience is not as polished as Lichess or, and it lacks many core features like computer analysis and studies. ChessKid more than makes up for this with the quality of it’s instructional content. Their selection of online videos is extremely high quality and perfectly suited to short attention spans. Coaches needing help with curriculum can lean on ChessKid for help explaining everything from basics all the way to advanced topics. The site is  safe for kids – no personal information is shared, chat is restricted, and activity reports are available for parent monitoring. Best for scholastic players under the age of ten.

Chessable publishes a wide range of e-books by the world’s leading authors, several of whom are currently ranked in the top 10 globally, including World Champion Magnus Carlsen, who is a part-owner. The books are all equipped with Chessable’s “movetrainer” software, which not only allows you to play through the positions, but uses spaced repetition to structure your learning sessions.

Offers online games and puzzles similar to and Also sells excellent online courses. Their coverage of live chess tournaments, such as the world championship, is extensive.

Online Instruction from Local Coaches

Chess Odyssey

Located in Beaverton/Hillsboro area West of Portland. Camps, onsite and online instruction, individual and group lessons, and tournaments.

Rose City Chess

Chad Lykins, along with Oregon State Champions USCF NM Matt Zavortink and USCF NM Owen McCoy, offer group and individual lessons, after-school clubs, camps, and tournaments. Online and in-person. All skill levels.

Southside Chess

After-school clubs, weekend lessons, summer camps, and regular tournaments in Eugene and surrounding areas. Online and in-person.

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