Byron Massey Memorial in Coquille

Upper and Elite Division trophy winners

Saturday, November 13th, at the Byron Massey Memorial Chess Tournament held at the Coquille High School, players strived to emulate the sportsmanship that Massey had displayed in past chess tournaments.

Kaitlyn Davidson displayed a cheerful attitude despite adversity and loss. Matthew Crim complimented his opponent who had just lost, telling him that he had given him a challenging game. Amanda Davidson reassured her opponent to take all the time he needed to think over his moves and after losing, was cheerful. Tyler Overby and Dane Ramirez always had a smile despite losses. Many players made sure to compliment their opponents, shake hands and everyone was smiling despite the game results.

But one player, Devin Kruse from Grants Pass, exemplified Massey’s sportsmanship as he helped his first opponent record moves for the first time, encourage another beginner player as he let his opponent know he was making good challenging moves and shared his juggling pins and balls that were a hit for entertainment between rounds. Although he never got the chance to meet Byron Massey, he had heard the tales and was “deeply honored” to receive the award. Those who did know Byron had tears as the sportsmanship plaque with Byron’s portrait was awarded.

Six elementary players tested out their chess skills from kindergarten to fourth grade in age. Jed Wright dominated the division as he won all his games, getting 1st place for 4th grade. Izabella Sperling won 1st place for 3rd grade and Gracie Wright won 1st place for K-1st grade.

The 6th grader to adult section was divided into Elite and Upper division base on ratings. In the upper division, adult Steve Goldman from Medford and Devin Kruse, 10th grader from Grants Pass predominated the event with 3.5 wins out of 4. Coquille’s Tyler Neuschwander (7th grade) and Myrtle Point’s Matthew Crim (9th grade) were just behind them with 3 wins out of 4. Coquille’s Mason Collard won first place for 6th grade.

In the elite section, Medford’s Collin Goldman and Roseburg’s Kareem El-Badry tied with 3.5 points to win the first place cash prize. In the younger elite section, Aaron Grabinsky 7th grade of Coquille placed first and Josiah Perkins 5th grade of Coquille placed second. Players were evenly matched and games were tight and intense through this event that lasted till 7 p.m. as most games went the full one and a half hour time limit.

-by Nancy Keller

Full results at NWSRS


Elementary Division Winners: Gracie Wright, Angie Morones, Mackenzie Collard, Izabella Sperling and Jed Wright showing off their trophies.

Dane Ramirez of Coquille

Amanda Davidson of Coquille playing chess while her daughter Angie Morones hangs out under the table after competing in the elementary division.

Michael Schrader of Myrtle Point

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