Hayhurst Halloween K-12 Tournament in Portland on Sunday, Oct. 27

Please join us for the second Hayhurst Halloween K-12 Chess Tournament! This event is open to individuals of all abilities and is a great first tournament for beginning chess players. This tournament NWSRS Rated and is a qualifier for the 2020 OSCF State Championship.


Registration Deadline is Friday, October 25, 2019 at 11:59pm or when tournament is full.

Get your Halloween gear on! Special prizes for best costumes! 

Free Chess Sets from US Chess Federation (for qualifying schools)

In partnership with US Chess Federation Sales, US Chess seeks eligible Title I schools that need equipment for their school-based chess programs. Programs that teach chess as part of their school day or are run as an afterschool enrichment activity are eligible to apply. Accepted schools will receive:

  • 5 vinyl chess boards
  • 5 sets of pieces
  • 1 demonstration board for use in instruction

To apply for a chess program starter kit, please apply online through this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ChessDonation-2019-2020

And if you’re coaching beginning players, check out ChessKid.com!

ChessKid.com makes it easy for any teacher or adult to run a chess program! Whether after school or during the school day, the ChessKid Classroom Lesson Planner guides teachers and students through the most important 30 lessons that every beginner chess player needs to learn. Everything is in the planner, from videos and lessons to worksheets and games to play with the pieces. The planner also aligns each lesson with specific math concepts!

To get started with the free 30-week planner, just create an adult account at ChessKid.com and then click here for the Lesson Planner to see how easy teaching chess can be!

Metzger Fall Classic in Tigard on Nov. 16


WHERE: Metzger Elementary 10350 SW Lincoln Street, Tigard, OR. 97223

WHEN: November 16 – 9:00 start time for U1200 & OPEN 1200+ Sections.  All other Sections first round starts around 10:00.  Awards between 3:00-4:00.

WHO: All K-12 Players Welcome!!

AWARDS:  Plenty of trophies, 1st – 4th place and plus score trophies and Sportsmanship Awards for each section.

This is an OSCF State Qualifier Tournament

RULES: NWSRS Rated only

REGISTRATION: Opens in October

Alternative to online registration:

Mail Check to Metzger Elementary School with:
Player Name
Phone number
Email Address

Contact Jeff Risher for questions: jrisher@ttsd.k12.or.us, 503.431.4614

Contact: Jeff Risher
Email: jrisher@ttsd.k12.or.us
Phone: 503-431-4614

Yuletide Tournament at LaSalle (Milwaukie) on Dec. 14

Magical South Coast Chess Tournament in Coquille on Oct. 5

“There be dragons in Coquille!” Prizes are fantasy figurines!

Join us for the Magical South Coast Chess Tournament on Saturday, Oct 5 in Coquille.

Registration 9 to 9:30 a.m. at the Coquille High School Library
Feel free to preregister at drnancykeller@yahoo.com and then pay at the door.
Fee:  $5.00
Prizes:  Fantasy Figurines
All ages invited.  Adults encouraged to play!
Divisions to be determined by attendence, roughly U600, U1000, Advanced (but will be broken down further if larger numbers).
Five rounds.
For Advanced section time control: G/35 D/5
Snacks available on site
Bring your lunch!
Card games and other board games available in skittles room
Need a place to stay?
Contact: Nancy Keller
Email: drnancykeller@yahoo.com
Phone: 541-290-8479

Tournament Director Training on August 31

referee 2Join experienced OSCF tournament directors Todd Anderson, Kathryn Schuff, and Rebecca Holt for a FREE training. Volunteer with us at the Oregon Open Scholastic Tournament on August 31 held at the Lloyd Center Doubletree in Portland on Labor Day weekend. We’ll show you how to run a tournament and serve as a “chess referee” during rounds. This training is appropriate for club coaches who would like to walk through a tournament day from start to finish and also for chess parents who would like to volunteer as “assistant tournament directors” at tournaments throughout the year.

For more information and to sign up, contact Rebecca Holt at oscf@oscf.org.

Roshen’s Chess Academy offers free chess lessons and tournaments to Portland area kids

Oregon Scholastic Player Roshen Nair started a new organization called Roshen’s Chess Academy to run the chess clubs at two non-profit organization’s locations (Chinmaya Mission Portland and HECSA). The Nair family is in the process of making Roshen’s Chess Academy a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization. The goal of the organization is to promote chess among kids in the Portland area. Roshen is trying to achieve this by providing “free” teaching lessons, “free” game analysis and “free” practice games. The club is also organizing NWSRS rated tournaments to prepare kids for the 2020 Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation (OSCF) state championship.

In little over a month, the club grew to 20 kids. There are another 6 kids currently in the waiting list. Roshen limited the size of the club to 20 so that the quality of the program is not compromised.

Roshen is extremely thankful for OSCF’s generous contribution of ten high-quality tournament graded chess sets. That was a huge encouragement and moral support to Roshen. Roshen used his tournament-winning money to fund the rest of the club needs (additional chess sets, chess clocks, demonstration boards, books, Chess training software, SwissSys tournament software, etc)

Free Chess classes and fundraising for the non-profit organizations

Roshen is doing three teaching sessions a month. Each session runs around 2 hours. Even though Roshen is not taking any fees, the students are encouraged to pay $5 donation per session to any of the following non-profit organizations (of their choice).

  • Boy Scouts of America (Troop 208 – Roshen is a member of this troop).
  • Chinmaya Mission, Portland (They let them use their facility to run the club activities).
  • HECSA (the backup facility to run the club activities).
  • CORD – USA.

In 3 months, Roshen’s Chess Academy raised over $1100 for those non-profit organizations.

Roshen’s goal for the next year is to prepare these 20 kids for the state championship tournaments and also raise $5000 for these non-profit organizations through donations.

Note: Roshen’s Chess Academy is not collecting any donations directly. They are just collecting the checks payable directly to those non-profit organizations.

Roshen’s Chess Academy quads tournaments:

Roshen’s Chess Academy started running OSCF state qualifier tournaments in August. They just had their first Quad tournament on August 17th with 16 players. All proceeds from the tournaments (minus operating expenses for trophies, medals, etc) will go to the following nonprofit organizations.

  • Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation (donations for OSCF will start in October). 

Roshen’s Chess Academy‘s goal for the next year is to raise $4000 ($2000 each for OSCF and CORD USA) from these tournaments.

Oregon Open Scholastic Tournament in Portland on August 31

800px-Flag-map_of_Oregon.svgRegistration is OPEN! 

In connection with the Oregon Chess Federation & Portland Chess Club’s annual Oregon Open, held each year over Labor Day Weekend, we will be holding the Oregon Open Scholastic Tournament at the Lloyd Center Doubletree in Portland.  While the full three-day Oregon Open tournament will be great for those of you who want the challenge of playing very long time controls against adult players (they play two games a day for three days; see here for more details), the shorter time controls of the scholastic section will be a great warmup for the new academic year of chess.

The event is a 4-round Swiss-paired event (time control G/45 d5) and will be held on Saturday, August 31, with the first round at 10am, so starting about an hour before the first round of the Oregon Open main event.  Rounds will be held at 10, 11:45 (or ASAP), 1:45 and 3:30 (or ASAP), and should be done by 5:30pm.  Depending on how many register, we may divide the group into multiple sections based on highest established USCF or NWSRS rating.  The event will be NWSRS rated, though if a section consists of all USCF members, we may dual-rate the section as well.  This is an 2020 OSCF State Championship Qualifier.  We will have medals for even/plus scores and trophies for 1st-3rd places.

AND if your kid(s) want to play chess ALL WEEKEND LONG… The Oregon Chess Federation encourages kids to join the big tournament for the 2-day schedule, Sunday and Monday.  They can enter the U1200 for $25 and compete only for trophies ($35 after August 29). For more information, contact Mike Morris at mikejmorris@earthlink.net.

All-Stars Invitational Tournament in Salem on Friday, October 11


Summer calculations are complete, meaning that invitations for the 2098 All-Stars Invitational in Salem on Friday, October 11, will be coming soon. Want to know if you’ll be invited? Check the master list of invited players. If your name is on the list, you may register here to play at the 2019 All Stars Tournament.

Note: All players registering for the 2019 All Stars Tournament will need active USCF memberships (the event is dual rated USCF/NWSRS). You can purchase a discounted USCF membership as part of your registration!

Other lists of interest:

Congratulations to all of these exceptional Oregon chess players!