OSCF Championships: Not Just For The Top Players…

Yes, the strongest players in the state at each grade level will be there competing for “Grand Champion” titles, BUT there are FIFTEEN separate playing sections defined by grade and rating. Regardless of who you are, you will be matched ONLY against players near your age and ability.

At many large events, you might play several rounds against players much stronger or much weaker than yourself before finally getting someone near your own playing strength. But at the OSCF Championships, the competition is much more closely matched every round.

You are a beginning first grader? No problem. There is a K-2 section for players rated under 600.

You are 17 years old and have been playing seriously since you were in kindergarten? Great! You will find good competition in the High School Elite section.

You are in middle school but just started playing this year? The Middle School Green section is a perfect match for you…all MS players, all rated below 800.

Huge, beautiful trophy cups filled with locally made saltwater taffy for the top finishers in each section. Blitz and bughouse tournaments Friday night. Fun activities all day long in the skittles room. “Friends and Family” tournament for moms, dads, siblings, and friends.

The registration deadline is Sunday, April 22 (or register late through Tuesday, April 24 with additional $10 late fee).