Oregon’s Top 25 Scholastic Players

The 2013 Scholastic Chess Season is off to a good start with the Metzger Tournament coming on January 12.  The Winter 2013 All-Stars list is being prepared and should be posted in the next couple of days; in the meantime, here is a list of the top 25 scholastic players in the state.  Ratings are the maximum of current (1/2/2013) NWSRS and January published USCF. Players have been active (at least one NWSRS or USCF game) since champs last April and must be enrolled in grades K-12 in Oregon’s schools.  Well done to all these players! (HT: Dan Dalthorp).

Alexandra Botez    2069
Yogi Saputra    2042
Aaron Grabinsky    1946
David Wen    1932
Erik Skalnes    1872
Steven Witt    1863
Samuel Coste    1847
Maxwell Sun    1834
Matt Dalthorp    1820
Takuma Sato-Duncan    1778
Dillon Murray    1760
Clemen Deng    1721
Seth Talyansky    1671
Austin Nguyen    1648
Jack Dale    1625
Ashwin Sah    1606
Matthew Stevens    1585
Andrea Botez    1578
Ben Pikus    1572
Jimmy Kelly    1563
Pranav Sharan    1555
Peter Donchenko    1554
Valentin Molchanov    1536
Philip Weiss    1534
Cameron Kocher    1516