Oregon Jr Closed, Rounds 2-3

Due to flooding in Benton County, the Red Cross took over the planned site for the Oregon Jr Closed tournament, forcing organizers to find a new site at the last minute. Zion Lutheran School in Corvallis is providing quiet, comfortable rooms for both playing and skittles.

Rounds 2 and 3 were lively affairs, with six hard-fought decisive games.

Round 2
Calvin Parnon–Steven Witt, 1-0
Alexandra Botez–David Wen, 0-1
Matt Dalthorp–Maxwell Sun, 1-0

Round 3
Steven Witt–Matt Dalthorp, 1-0
Calvin Parnon–Alexandra Botez, 0-1
David Wen–Maxwell Sun, 1-0

David Wen       2.5
Calvin Parnon   2.0
Steven Witt     2.0
Matt Dalthorp   1.5
Alexandra Botez 1.0
Max Sun         0.0

The final two rounds will be Sunday, Jan 22 at Zion Lutheran School.

Round 4 Sunday 10:00
Bd 1 Maxwell Sun       Steven Witt
Bd 2 Alexandra Botez   Matt Dalthorp
Bd 3 David Wen         Calvin Parnon

Round 5 Sunday 3:00
Bd 1 Steven Witt       David Wen
Bd 2 Alexandra Botez   Maxwell Sun
Bd 3 Matt Dalthorp     Calvin Parnon