Oregon Jr Closed Championship, Round 1

Bd 1: Steven Witt vs. Alexandra Botez. 1-0

Bd 2: Matt Dalthorp vs. David Wen. 1/2-1/2. A wild Karo-Kann with both players castling queenside and launching massive attacks. David’s pawns were bearing down on Matt’s king, while Matt desperately looked for enough kingside play to distract David from his attack. Matt ended up winning a piece just as David broke through. Both players missed wins at least once apiece, and the game ended in a dead drawn rook endgame. They shook hands on move 77 after a tense, grueling battle.

Bd 3: Max Sun vs. Calvin Parnon. Max played the Evans Gambit, a sharp opening, rich with tactical opportunities for both sides. Calvin played the opening well. First, he solidified his position to take the steam out of Max’s tactical possibilities. Then he applied pressure in the center until Max cracked. Calvin picked up a piece in a tactical flourish and came out the other side with an overwhelming attack–checkmate a few moves later.

Saturday’s games were originally scheduled to be played at Crescent Valley High School, but the Red Cross has taken over the building to use as a shelter for evacuees from the floods. The new site will be Zion Lutheran School, near the corner of 29th and Harrison.

Second round matchups:

White                        Black
Calvin Parnon                Steven Witt
Alexandra Botez              David Wen
Matt Dalthorp                Maxwell Sun