Oregon Jr. Closed Championship

The Oregon Junior Closed* will be held in Corvallis on the weekend of Nov 16-17. The top active Jrs** will square off in a round-robin tournament to determine the 2013 Oregon Junior Champion. The winner gets his name engraved on a “perpetual trophy” of junior champions and receives an invitation to the Oregon Championship in February (if his/her rating is at least 1900 by December 1).

With an average USCF rating of 1975, this year’s lineup appears to be the strongest ever:
1. Aaron Grabinsky 2130, Coquille (10th grade)
2. Yogi Saputra 2069, Corvallis (11th grade)
3. Max Sun 2000, Corvallis (8th grade)
4. Erik Skalnes 1894, Eugene (11th grade)
5. David Wen 1886, Corvallis (11th grade)
6. Matt Dalthorp 1872, Corvallis (12th grade)

* Sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation (OCF).
** To be eligible for selection, players must be Oregon residents under the age of 19, must not have participated in another state’s championship tournament, and must have played at least 15 USCF rated games in the previous 12 months. Invitations were issued to eligible players in USCF rating order based on average of October published rating and the maximum post-tournament rating during the year.