Oregon Jr. Closed Champion: DAVID WEN!

David Wen had a fantastic weekend of chess, going undefeated against a brutal lineup. After drawing against Matt Dalthorp in the first round, he went on to beat beat Alexandra Botez, Max Sun, Calvin Parnon, and Steven Witt to finish clear first with 4.5/5, a full point and a half against second place finisher Steven Witt.

Final Standings:
David Wen         4.5
Steven Witt       3.0
Matt Dalthorp     2.5
Alexandra Botez   2.0
Calvin Parnon     2.0
Max Sun           1.0

Round 1
Steven Witt–Alexandra Botez, 1-0
Matt Dalthorp–David Wen, 1/2-1/2
Max Sun–Calvin Parnon, 0-1

Round 2
Calvin Parnon–Steven Witt, 1-0
Alexandra Botez–David Wen, 0-1
Matt Dalthorp–Maxwell Sun, 1-0

Round 3
Steven Witt–Matt Dalthorp, 1-0
Calvin Parnon–Alexandra Botez, 0-1
David Wen–Maxwell Sun, 1-0

Round 4
Maxwell Sun–Steven Witt, 0-1
Alexandra Botez–Matt Dalthorp, 1-0
David Wen–Calvin Parnon, 1-0

Round 5
Steven Witt–David Wen, 0-1
Alexandra Botez–Maxwell Sun, 0-1
Matt Dalthorp–Calvin Parnon, 1X-0F