Oregon Closed Championship

Ten of the top-rated USCF players in Oregon compete against each other each year in the Oregon Championship, sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation and taking place this year on two consecutive weekends (February 9th-10th, and 16th-17th) at the Portland Chess Club.

By winning the Oregon Junior Closed championship last spring (http://oscf.org/2012/01/oregon-jr-closed-champion-david-wen/) and getting his rating over 1900 as of January 1, high school Sophomore David Wen qualified to play in the Oregon Championship with the strongest players in the state.Here is the final roster for the Oregon Invitational Championship (aka “Oregon Closed”) by Name and Rating:
Nick Raptis 2353
Carl Haessler 2214
Daniel Gay 2204
Corey Russell 2200
Brian Esler 2136
Steven Deeth 2113
Richard Gutman 2060
Sean Tobin 2057
Rob Herrera 2053
David Wen 1932

Two other scholastic players, Yogi Saputra (2042) and Alexandra Botez (2049), just barely missed qualifying by rating.   (For those scholastic players who aspire to compete at this event, details on qualifying for the championship are found in the OCF bylaws.)  (Thanks to Dan Dalthorp for the information.)